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As freelance web designer I offer a friendly and helpful design service to individuals, small businesses and charities. I work on a "not for profit" basis and specialise in sites for charity and voluntary organisations.

My Design Service:

My Wordpress Service:

Wordpress is a very popular free open-source blog tool and content management system. Once downloaded, there are literally hundreds of free and premium themes of every conceivable type that can be downloaded and used as is or modified to suit. The very big advantage of the system to the user is that once the web pages are set up, then page editing is very simple and requires no knowledge of html or CSS.

Content, images and pages can be added or removed easily on-line by using the simple editing tools.

There are the same domain and hosting costs but the setting up procedure is somewhat different so starting off with Wordpress can be a little confusing. I am willing to offer help and advice to anyone in the local area who is thinking of starting their own Wordpress site but is unsure how to proceed. Just contact me through my link at the bottom of this page.

Problems building your own site?:

Maybe you have starting building your own site but are having difficulties completing the project? Pages not showing correctly, unsure how to set up your domain, or how to load Wordpress let me help you! Mail me and I will try and help you sort out your problems (local area only).


As my services are on a non-profit basis, it must be understood that I cannot respond positively to every request I receive to build a website and I reserve the right to refuse work if I feel unable to take a job for whatever reason.

Firstly, I will briefly discuss your requirements and once I have some idea of the total amount of work involved, I will make a decision based on that.

If we both wish to proceed, then I will enter into more detailed discussions to define the requirements accurately.

Although the site itself is free, there are charges levied for hosting and domain purchase, these are annual costs which will need to be paid by the site owner, I cannot be responsible for these costs.

Contact me:

Send your queries through my contact page and I will assist you in any way I can to ensure that your web presence is established as easily as possible.   




Bob Day

The Knowledge Service.